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Some of the largest, most admired companies have partnered with Watermark to enhance their customer experience.

The organizations we’ve worked with span the B2B and B2C arenas, collectively representing over a million employees and $750 billion in annual revenue.  Here’s a sampling of clients we’ve served and impressions we’ve made.

“Outstanding strategic guidance and exceedingly practical tactical advice.”

Working with Watermark Consulting was an extraordinary experience. We engaged them to help us in our Customer Experience design and Watermark offered a unique blend of outstanding strategic guidance and exceedingly practical tactical advice. Their output from our project was not only insightful, and anchored in best-practices, but it was actionable. In short, Watermark helped accelerate our journey to become an even more customer centric organization. They were outstanding.

Jim DeVries Executive Vice President, Allstate

“Incredibly valuable because of how in-depth the work was.”

Watermark conducted a comprehensive customer experience assessment for us and the entire process -- from initial contact through to final presentation, report and feedback -- was phenomenal. The insights our company gained were incredibly valuable because of how in-depth the work was. In addition, the manner by which the results and recommendations were presented was incredibly actionable.

Lisa Mitchell-Kastner Vice President, AT&T

“Positioned us for success in a way we couldn’t have done ourselves.”

Before engaging Watermark, our customer experience improvement program was, in a word, stuck. We were struggling with how and where to begin, as well as how to obtain C-level buy-in for the long-term health and viability of the initiative. Watermark gave us the focus and direction we needed. They helped us design an improvement strategy that was tailored to our current circumstances. In a short period of time, they positioned us for success in a way that we couldn't have done ourselves.

Laurie Goldman Customer Experience Director, Elkay Manufacturing

“Nothing short of remarkable.”

Watermark’s Customer Experience Reality Check was absolutely dead-center in assessing our company’s strengths, weaknesses and untapped potential. Watermark’s capacity for absorbing information and distilling it down to the essentials was nothing short of remarkable. The Reality Check prioritized the single most important endeavors into a concise, executable roadmap. The resulting insights have become part of our DNA as we build a more enriching customer experience.

Dusty Holcomb Senior Vice President, AAA Carolinas

“A roadmap for delivering the ultimate customer experience.”

We evaluated multiple external firms for our customer experience improvement effort, and it was clear that Watermark Consulting would best serve our needs. We have not been disappointed; in fact, our expectations have been exceeded. Watermark immersed itself in our business and our customers, yielding tremendous insights. They have given us a blueprint for better engaging our customers around the world. They have given us a roadmap for delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Dave Hickey President, Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Systems

"Thoughtful insights coupled with remarkably specific and pragmatic guidance."

Many consulting companies claim to be 'different' – to provide that special mix of strategic insight and pragmatic advice. Watermark came through on both counts. We engaged them for a comprehensive Customer Experience Reality Check and were delighted with the outcome. Instead of a typical cookie-cutter consultant report filled with generalities, we got thoughtful insights coupled with remarkably specific and pragmatic guidance on how to enhance our customer experience. I highly recommend Watermark and their Reality Check to any business that seeks to take actionable steps towards customer experience maturity.

Vice President, Customer Experience $700 Billion Insurance & Financial Services Firm (Name Withheld)

“Working with Watermark was a great experience.”

If you want to improve your customer experience, but want to avoid the ivory tower advice doled out by most consultants, then talk to Watermark. In a very short period of time, they developed a remarkable grasp on the details of our business. So instead of getting recommendations filled with platitudes, we got very insightful, practical guidance that was incredibly valuable. Working with Watermark was a great experience, and one I’d recommend to any business leader.

Vice President, Customer Experience Selective Insurance

“Everything Watermark touched was better off as a result.”

Watermark Consulting has been a great partner in helping us grow our business. From high-level insights to in-the-weeds tactics, Watermark enhanced our communications, simplified our messaging, and polished our interactions with key stakeholders. Whenever something came across my desk, I could immediately tell if Watermark had a hand in developing it. Everything they touched was better off as a result.

Greg Arms Global Head of Employee Benefits, Marsh Inc.

"We evaluated nearly 40 consultancies... Watermark emerged as the leader."

We evaluated nearly 40 consultancies, both large and small, to assist with our customer experience improvement initiative. Watermark emerged as the leader and proceeded to exceed our expectations. They immersed themselves in our business, cultivated deep insights about our customers, and provided practical recommendations for differentiating our customer experience. Many consultancies speak in generalities, offering only high-level guidance that isn’t really useful. In contrast, Watermark delivered detailed and actionable analysis and insights. This made our engagement with them refreshing and valuable.

President $3 Billion National Home Construction Company (Name Withheld)

“Watermark’s customer experience workshops were spot on and flawless.”

Watermark's customer experience workshops were spot on and flawless. Jon Picoult’s thoughtful and persuasive approach convinced even the most skeptical attendees of the value of focusing on the customer experience. The sessions set exactly the right tone and mindset for the kickoff of a corporate three-year strategy focused on delivering consistently exceptional customer experiences. The operating principles Jon introduced to us were logical, specific and practical -- enabling our staff to immediately apply the learnings to their jobs. We had an ambitious goal for these workshops and those goals were exceeded. It was a job well done.

Stan Galanski President & CEO, The Navigators Group

"Engaging with Watermark was a great decision!"

Engaging with Watermark was a great decision! They quickly became a trusted partner, gaining credibility across our organization. Watermark founder Jon Picoult is not only a strategic partner, he is also a strong communicator, project manager, and dynamic presenter. Jon provided an objective voice with intuitive and insightful feedback. Thanks to Watermark’s work and all of their actionable insights, our client experience initiative and strategic plan are well positioned for success.

Tina Ferrara Executive Director of Client Services, Waterworks

“A rare and valuable combination of talents.”

Watermark founder Jon Picoult is one of the rare individuals with the ability to think strategically, yet operate tactically. It allows him to see both the big picture and the numerous landmines inherent in executing a plan. As such, he possesses a very rare and valuable combination of talents.

Matt Winter President, Allstate

“We were incredibly impressed.”

Working with Watermark on our transformation to a more customer-centric organization was an excellent experience. They got to know our organization from the eyes of both our customers and our employees – watching them in their natural habitats, following them through the experience, and making recommendations that ranged from fixing the basics to delivering true delights. They immersed themselves so deeply in our world that they could actually speak our clinical and technical language while presenting their customer experience improvement roadmap. We were incredibly impressed.

Christine Snyder Vice President, Becton Dickinson

“When I hire Watermark, I know everything is going to go smoothly.”

We’ve engaged Watermark on multiple occasions and the feedback from our executives is always the same: it’s the best consulting work they’ve ever seen. But it’s not just their impeccable and insightful work that sets them apart. They’re also incredibly adept at making each engagement absolutely effortless for us. When I hire Watermark, I know everything is going to go smoothly – and for anyone leading a big project, that kind of confidence is priceless.

Vice President, Customer Experience Selective Insurance

“Every interaction we had with Watermark left us delighted.”

In a very creative and entertaining way, Watermark Founder Jon Picoult helped our staff see how great customer experiences could fuel our success, and how each of their individual roles contributed to that outcome. Jon’s business philosophy centers around impressing customers – and, boy, did he impress us. Every interaction we had with Watermark exceeded our expectations and left us delighted.

Rich Yeni Vice President, Andesa Services

“Seen a measurable dollar impact from the advice and insight Watermark provided.”

Our experience with Watermark was eye opening and very informative. They helped us look in the mirror to see what our clients want and expect out of our company, not just what we thought they needed. Through the client survey that Watermark conducted, we’ve been able to turn dissatisfied clients into fans, as well as institute new processes that are improving client satisfaction and loyalty. We’ve seen a measurable dollar impact from the advice and insight Watermark provided. I would highly recommend Watermark to any company looking to grow their business by delivering a more positive and distinctive client experience.

Jay Taylor Senior Managing Partner, Kinghorn Insurance

“One of our most highly rated and highly respected speakers”

Jon Picoult has been a cornerstone of our leadership development programs and one of our most highly rated and highly respected speakers. He does his homework to ensure he knows the audience and tailors the content to be fully relevant and insightful. The breadth and depth of the knowledge, perspective, and insight he brings has been invaluable to our leaders. Jon is an impressive, inspiring, and engaging presenter... a true professional in every sense of the word.

Debbie Storey Executive Vice President, AT&T

"Our CEO was so impressed"

Jon was incredible! At our Leadership Conference, he spoke to our top 1,800 executives and had them absolutely mesmerized. Our CEO was so impressed by Jon’s keynote that he immediately arranged for everyone in the audience to get a copy of Jon's book. His talk was energetic, eye-opening, and eminently actionable. The impact Jon had on our organization cannot be overstated.

Lori Allen Vice President of Global Event Operations, MetLife

“One of the best outside speakers we have ever brought in.”

Jon was fantastic! His presentation was extremely informative and highly entertaining. He gave us invaluable insight into what it takes to create a great customer experience – not only in terms of how we interact with our customers, but also how we interact with each other. He’s one of the best outside speakers we have ever brought in.”

Robert O’Leary President and CEO, Philadelphia Insurance Companies

“He was the highlight of our entire event.”

Jon’s keynote presentation at our conference was outstanding. His energy, humor and ability to keep the audience engaged is truly impressive. He was the highlight of the entire event and received the highest rating on our feedback survey.

Susan Shepherd Senior Director, Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

“Spoke with such authority, such passion and such authenticity.”

Hire him! As our keynote speaker, Jon Picoult spoke with such authority, such passion and such authenticity, that our membership, mainly senior insurance marketing executives, shared that his hour talk was worth their two day conference admission. Hire him! If you are looking to engage your audience with insightful, purposeful, and actionable concepts, you have that in Jon. Hire him!

Richard Look President, Insurance Marketing & Communications Association

“Had everyone engaged; his message was top notch.”

Jon Picoult's keynote resonated with ALL the people attending our sales conference. He had everyone engaged and the presentation of his message was top notch.

David Grant Director of Customer Experience, Great Dane Trailers

“Absolutely captivated our entire audience of senior leaders.”

As our keynote speaker, Jon Picoult absolutely captivated our entire audience of senior leaders with his practical, pragmatic and humorous session. His experience was real and he gives excellent takeaways that are immediately actionable. If you want a speaker who ‘gets it’ and has instant credibility – do not hesitate to call Jon.”

V. Vanessa Williams Vice President, Sun Life Financial

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