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Highly interactive, live and virtual programs that will help accelerate your organization's customer experience improvement efforts.

The Art & Science of a Great Customer ExperienceSM

This is Watermark’s flagship program for companies that seek to strengthen their focus on customer experience with cultural, behavioral and operational change.  Filled with captivating insights and fascinating case studies, the workshop teaches participants the fundamentals of customer experience management — including the 12 time-tested techniques used by legendary companies to turn their customers into raving fans.  Attendees emerge from the workshop with a solid understanding of CX design techniques, as well as specific, actionable ideas for enhancing their own organization’s customer experience.

Experience Engineering 101

What if you took the customer experience design techniques used by legendary companies and applied them to your business?  That’s the focus of this engaging workshop, where participants have an opportunity to dissect one of your firm’s existing customer journeys, mapping out the highs and lows.  Then, using Watermark’s “12 Principles for CX Design,” they create a future-state blueprint for a better and more differentiated version of the experience – one that won’t just satisfy your customers, but will impress them.  Emerging from this workshop, participants will have a very practical (not just academic) understanding of the mechanics behind CX evaluation and improvement.

(Not So) Undercover BossSM

A great customer experience is like a well-staged performance, requiring careful design of both “onstage” and “backstage” components.  This unique, immersive program gives organizational leaders a first-hand, unfiltered look at both of these elements — revealing not just what it feels like to be a customer, but also what it feels like to be an employee serving those customers.  Executives emerge with a host of insights about how to improve both the customer experience and the internal work environment that underlies it.  This is more than just another executive development program.  It is a powerful tool for fostering leadership excellence, strengthening employee engagement and driving customer-centric cultural change.

Grow Your Business “On Purpose”

This workshop opens people’s eyes to the concept of a purpose-driven brand – that is, an organization whose “reason for being” goes well beyond the traditional measures of success (e.g., creating shareholder value or growing revenues).  It’s an approach that’s worked exceptionally well for companies with a legendary customer experience – Patagonia, USAA, and Southwest Airlines among them. The workshop includes individual and group exercises where participants start defining their own business’ purpose, and then outline the steps required to turn that purpose into an organizational reality.

Custom Workshops

We’ve created custom workshops for many clients, focused on everything from customer experience to change management to leadership development.  Tell us what challenge your organization is facing, and we’ll work with you to develop an impressive program that’s tailored to your needs.

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