A Customer-Centric Workforce

We taught the executives and staff of a global insurance leader how to create a great customer experience.

The Challenge

Our client was a leading global insurer competing in a space that was becoming increasingly commoditized.  In an effort to combat those headwinds, the CEO had decided to make customer experience (CX) excellence a cornerstone of the company’s business strategy.

Actualizing that vision, however, required equipping the organization’s far-flung workforce with the right knowledge, skills and perspective.


The Solution

You can’t script a great customer experience, which is why traditional approaches to customer service training often fail.  You need to equip people with a set of principles they can use in any customer interaction (live, digital or print) — principles that help them look at the world from the customer’s perspective, and shape the experience they deliver accordingly.

For this client, we held a series of customized customer experience workshops for company management and staff, educating them in Watermark’s “12 CX Design Principles” — the time-tested techniques used by legendary companies to turn everyday customers into raving fans. 

The workshops also included a hands-on exercise where company leaders were able to immediately apply what they learned to actual customer experience episodes overseen by their units.

Among the services Watermark provided during this engagement were:

  • Executive Education to expose business leaders to proven techniques for engineering great customer experiences.
  • Educational Workshops where business leaders could collaborate to create a future state customer experience blueprint.
  • Webinars to extend the reach of the educational program to hundreds of the firm’s worldwide employees.
  • Operations Improvement by helping staff identify touchpoint additions and enhancements that would distinguish the customer experience.

The Results

The workshops and webinars served as a great kickstart for the company’s new customer-focused business strategy.  The techniques and terminology introduced in the programs became ingrained in the company’s operations and vernacular.  Benefits realized included:

  • Revenue Growth.  In less than two years, the company’s revenue grew 24% — driven, in part, by the customer-centric approach adopted across the workforce, from sales through service.
  • Shareholder Value.  Investors lauded the company’s customer-centric strategy (and its operational execution), lifting the firm’s shares nearly 30%, far outperforming the industry average. 
  • Voice-of-the-Customer.  To help maintain customer focus, the company launched its first-ever, formal Voice-of-the-Customer program using the Net Promoter methodology.

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