A Hassle-Free Customer Experience

We helped a Fortune 10 company orient its entire business around the delivery of an easy, effortless customer experience.

The Challenge

Our client was a $130 billion global company serving both individual and business customers.  

In the face of intensifying competition and pricing pressure, the firm sought to differentiate itself via a customer experience that was free from the common customer frustrations and annoyances that were hallmarks of its industry.

The Solution

We developed a customized educational and experiential program for the company’s top executives, middle managers and front-line supervisors (over 100,000 individuals across the globe).

Among the services provided by Watermark were:

  • Executive Education to expose business leaders to proven approaches for engineering an effortless customer experience.
  • Educational Workshops to foster experiential learning, immersing participants in the firm’s current customer experience.
  • Webinars to extend the reach of the educational program to thousands of the firm’s worldwide managers.
  • Simplification to help the company identify and remedy customer touchpoints which were rife with complexity.
  • Operations Improvement by helping the company discern opportunities to preempt unnecessary customer inquiries.

The Results

The program received among the highest ratings across the company’s array of educational offerings, and served as the foundation for a multi-year strategy to differentiate the firm’s customer experience.  Benefits realized included:

  • Employee Engagement.  In the period following rollout of the program, the company saw its biggest ever year-over-year gain in employee engagement metrics.
  • Innovation.  The experiential, immersive workshop generated hundreds of customer experience innovations from the staff, which were then prioritized and pursued. 
  • Ease of Doing Business.  Among the benefits the company realized was a 25% improvement in first call resolution — saving millions of dollars in its service centers while simultaneously delivering a more effortless (and more appealing) customer experience.

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