An Award-Winning Candidate Experience

We helped one of the largest U.S employers create a job candidate experience that earned raves.

The Challenge

Our client, one of the Top 20 largest employers in the U.S., sought to differentiate its job candidate experience in order to compete more effectively for the best talent in the market.

The Solution

Using our proprietary Customer Experience Reality Check, we dissected the company’s current recruiting experience, identifying all of the live, print and digital interactions that comprised it.  Then, using a variety of techniques, we diagnosed the quality of those interactions, pinpointing the highs and lows in the experience. Lastly, based on all the insights gathered, we prepared a detailed blueprint for a new, vastly improved candidate experience.

Among the services provided by Watermark were:

  • Journey Mapping to inventory and assess the current candidate experience.
  • Mystery Shopping to secure an unfiltered view of the experience, from the job candidate’s perspective.
  • Experience Engineering to define the future state, enhanced candidate experience.
  • Simplification to make it more effortless for candidates to interact with the company’s recruiters.
  • Operations Improvement to develop detailed recommendations for recruiting process redesign.

The Results

The Customer Experience Reality Check yielded over 200 detailed, prioritized recommendations for improving the firm’s candidate experience, many of which were implemented within one year of the assessment.  Benefits realized included:

  • Candidate Satisfaction.  Following our work, the company earned its highest ratings ever for job candidates’ overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend the firm as a potential employer.
  • Technology Improvements.  The specificity of the future state blueprint allowed the organization to be much more focused with its IT strategy, greatly accelerating the pace of IT enhancements.
  • Industry Recognition.  The company won the Talent Board’s CandE award, recognizing its candidate experience as one of the Top 50 among U.S. employers.

Ready to win the talent war by turning your employment candidates into raving fans?  Work With Us to get started.

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