Launching a CX Improvement Program

We helped a $40 billion company design a customer experience program to guide its business improvement efforts.

The Challenge

Our client, a $40 billion insurance and financial services firm, had recently established a small, standalone Customer Experience team to help oversee CX improvement efforts across the company.

The challenge, however, was that the company didn’t know how to best leverage this centralized team.  What should they focus on?  What should they be responsible for?  How could they help orient all the organizational silos around the customer experience imperative?

The company approached Watermark for help in structuring its Customer Experience improvement program (and the team driving it), with the goal of maximizing the positive impact on the organization.

The Solution

We used our Customer Experience JumpStart program to understand the specific CX challenges the company faced, and the resources they could bring to bear.  We then developed a CX Program design which was customized for the company’s circumstances.  That design detailed everything from the roles and responsibilities of key players in the CX improvement effort, to a prioritized list of tactical initiatives on which the CX Team should focus.

Among the services provided by Watermark were:

  • Customer Insight, gathered via in-depth interviews, to clarify priorities for the new, centralized CX Team.
  • Survey Design & Analysis to help the firm create better and more actionable customer feedback surveys.
  • Value Proposition Development to help better synchronize the company’s CX aspirations with its existing brand definition.
  • CX Program Design to define the internal “scaffolding” around which the firm’s internal CX improvement effort should be built.

The Results

The engagement was a turning point for the company’s customer experience improvement efforts, which had been “stuck” due to the ill-defined nature of the centralized CX Team.  Benefits realized included:

  • Greater Accountability.  With roles and responsibilities better defined, there was much clearer ownership around the various tasks that would help drive customer experience advancements.
  • Improved Credibility.  With the CX Team’s organizational purpose clarified and its tactical agenda formalized, the entire customer experience improvement endeavor enjoyed a spike in credibility.
  • Growth and Accolades.  The company earned a #1 industry ranking in Net Promoter Score, enjoyed an 8% increase in revenue, and delivered stock returns twice that of its sector index.

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