Turning Customer Insight Into Action

We showed this Fortune 500 company how to harness customer feedback and sharpen its value proposition.

The Challenge

Our client, a $5 billion professional services company operating in over one hundred countries, sensed that the firm could grow faster.  One acknowledged weakness was the quality and consistency of the firm’s value proposition.  Many of its regional offices did not have a process for gathering insights into local market needs, nor the expertise to translate such information into a compelling value proposition.

The Solution

We developed a customized client research program that enabled the company to gather market insights in a consistent, structured manner across its many country outposts.  Staff around the world were taught how to conduct objective, in-depth client interviews that revealed market trends and identified unmet consumer needs. We then analyzed the client feedback in concert with the firm’s regional offices, and then developed compelling value propositions that accentuated the company’s strengths in the context of local market needs.

Among the services provided by Watermark were:

  • Brand Positioning to better define and articulate points of differentiation.
  • Survey Development to conduct client interviews efficiently and objectively.
  • Feedback Analysis to distill volumes of interview data into focused and actionable themes.
  • Sales Pitch Tuning to construct value propositions that resonated with target markets.
  • Content Writing to articulate value propositions in clear, simple and compelling terms.
  • Collateral Design to create new, globally consistent marketing material templates.
  • Tool Development to provide instruments for prioritizing and addressing client feedback.
  • Internal Communications to educate and excite worldwide staff about the project.

The Results

The project energized the staff who participated around the globe.  They felt empowered with new tools to help cultivate customer insight and act on it.  The engagement also reinforced the importance of “outside-in” thinking throughout the ranks, heightening leaders’ appreciation for using customer feedback to guide decision making.  Benefits realized included:

  • Sales Growth.  Growth in the targeted business accelerated by 500 basis points, generating an additional $10 million in annual revenue.
  • Brand Clarity.  Value propositions, while tailored to local markets, were articulated in a consistent manner – presenting a more unified brand to the firm’s multinational clients.
  • Innovation.  Insights gained through the process helped generate new ideas for business improvements, service enhancements and product development.

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