Why Choose Jon?

Why select Jon Picoult for your next company meeting or conference event? Here are five reasons to consider.

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He’s not your “textbook” speaker.

Jon’s not a career academic or consultant. While today he’s a successful entrepreneur, most of his background is in senior executive roles helping companies grow their business and their talent. So, when Jon shares his strategies for cultivating customer and employee loyalty, he’s not just speaking from a textbook… he’s speaking from experience.

He’s walked in your audience’s shoes.

Jon brings a unique level of credibility to his programs, because his business experience cuts across many functional areas. Having led sales, marketing, service, distribution and technology for Fortune 100 companies, Jon can truly relate to the opportunities and challenges faced by most any audience.

He appreciates the importance of the day after.

The most important day of your event is the day after it ends. Will people apply what they learned, or get distracted by the whirlwind of day-to-day business? Jon won’t leave your audience with platitudes – he’ll captivate them with engaging examples, entertaining business stories and actionable advice that they can truly put to use back in the office.

He saves you time.

Jon’s clients frequently comment on how effortless it is to work with him. He attends to every detail, communicates frequently and clearly, and simplifies the entire process of speaker engagement, from contracting to delivery.

He customizes programs beyond mere window dressing.

Lots of speakers claim to customize every program they deliver, but Jon’s clients are often stunned by the amount of time he spends learning the intricacies of their business and tailoring his speeches accordingly.

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