How Apple’s Former Retail Chief Is Again Redefining The Customer Experience

Enjoy Technology is powering innovative customer experiences for leading brands, using techniques any business can employ.


What makes Enjoy so enjoyable?

Investors will now be asking that question as Enjoy Technology – the brainchild of former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson – recently went public via a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC).

Johnson is credited with reimagining the retail customer experience through his work at Apple, creating a franchise that helped accelerate the company’s growth with sales per square foot that far exceeded that of other retail chains. With Enjoy, Johnson is again trying to put his stamp on customer experience, this time with a firm that helps other companies leave great impressions.

Enjoy partners with high-end electronics makers and luxury brands to turn the “last mile” of product delivery into a bona fide experience of its own. Instead of just leaving a product on a customer’s doorstep, it’s hand-delivered by a trained specialist who then guides the customer through device installation and setup.

As Johnson noted in a recent Wall Street Journal interview, “There are a lot of people that can deliver to the door. We’re the only one that has built out the vision to really generate incremental value for partners by going through the door.”

AT&T partnered with Enjoy to create its new “Right To You” service. Purchase a device from the carrier and, along with regular delivery and curbside pick-up options, customers can select the Right To You service and have the product brought to their home at a time of their choosing (often the same day). Once the Enjoy product specialist arrives with the device, the customer can opt for either in-person setup (indoors or outdoors), or remote setup (via video call with the Enjoy Expert, from their company vehicle).

AT&T launched this service during the pandemic and found that, of all the online purchase options available to customers, Right To You earned the highest satisfaction ratings.

As I explain in my new book, FROM IMPRESSED TO OBSESSED: 12 Principles for Turning Customers and Employees into Lifelong Fans, the appeal of an Enjoy-powered experience such as Right To You transcends mere convenience and capitalizes on several proven principles of customer experience design (techniques that are applicable to most any company):

  • Enjoy focuses on experience endpoints. Given how our brains process and remember experiences, our overall impressions of a business encounter are heavily influenced by what happens at the end of the interaction (known as the “recency bias” in psychology parlance). This is exactly where Enjoy operates in the customer lifecycle – during the last mile of the purchase process. If you nail that encounter, it ends the purchase experience on a high note, often overshadowing any negativity that may have arisen earlier in the interaction (such as if the customer’s desired device model or color was unavailable).
  • Enjoy makes the purchase process more effortless. Time is people’s most precious finite resource. In many types of businesses, when you give a customer the gift of time and convenience, it enhances the appeal of the whole encounter to them. Enjoy capitalizes on this concept by reducing customer effort to a level that many people would have never imagined possible. Not only do you no longer need to visit a store (or a curbside) to pick up your purchase (it’s delivered to your door), but the expert who helps set up the device actually comes to your home.
  • Enjoy gives customers a sense of control. When people feel like they can exert control over an experience, they tend to feel better about the encounter. Even if that control is exerted over something that’s seemingly insignificant, it still makes a big difference in the customer’s mind. Enjoy creates that semblance of control by allowing customers to make choices about how the experience will unfold – for example, selecting a specific time for product delivery, as well as choosing how the Enjoy expert will provide their consultation (indoor, outdoor, or remote).
  • Enjoy provides a service that is highly relevant.  For many consumers, the most important part of the device purchase experience is what happens after the product is delivered: Activating and configuring the device, as well as seamlessly transferring settings and data from the device that’s being replaced. Just buying the product is arguably the least important part of the encounter, because what’s relevant to customers isn’t acquiring the device, but getting it to work as intended (particularly if integration is required with other home technologies). For this reason, the services provided by Enjoy’s roving team of experts (full-time employees, each with more than 120 hours of training) resonates quite strongly with consumers who crave the guidance of an informed technology professional.
  • Enjoy capitalizes on customer emotions. People gravitate towards emotionally resonant experiences. That can be achieved in two ways – either by accentuating positive emotions, or mitigating negative ones. Enjoy does both. They obviously capitalize on the excitement and anticipation that accompanies a new technology purchase. But in contrast to many other technology retailers, Enjoy-powered interactions are also very effective in stemming negative emotions – anxiety, for example, that a consumer may feel when they try to transfer precious photos from an old device to a new one. When a service provider helps take such negative emotions off of the table, it engages customers in a powerful way.

Business leaders marveled at the customer experience Ron Johnson engineered at Apple stores, and many are now admiring what he’s building at Enjoy. However, an enjoyable customer experience – the kind people rave about – is within reach for most any company.

As Johnson has demonstrated numerous times in his career, it simply requires a very intentional and strategic approach to customer experience design – one that leverages proven, science-based principles for creating great, lasting impressions. It’s a strategy that legendary companies have long used to deliver experiences that people enjoy in the moment, and remember well into the future.

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Jon Picoult is founder of Watermark Consulting, a customer experience advisory firm that helps companies impress customers and inspire employees, creating raving fans that drive business growth.  Author of “FROM IMPRESSED TO OBSESSED: 12 Principles for Turning Customers and Employees into Lifelong Fans,” Picoult is an acclaimed speaker, and advisor to some of world’s foremost brands.  Follow Jon on Twitter or Instagram, or subscribe to his monthly eNewsletter.


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