Top 10 Posts Of 2021

Customer experience, employee experience, leadership — these are among the topics covered in Watermark’s most-read posts of 2021.


We’ve crunched the numbers and are pleased to present the Top 10 Most-Read Posts of 2021.  They cover quite a range of topics, from customer experience to employee experience to leadership.  Here they are, all compiled in one place, in case you missed any of them during the course of the year:


#10 — Today Is CX Day, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Celebrate Until Tomorrow

The most important part of the annual, worldwide “Customer Experience Day” celebration is what happens the day after it ends — because that’s when an organization’s true colors become evident.



#9 — Tesla’s Trillion Dollar Customer Experience: A Peek Under The Hood

Tesla has driven the automobile customer experience to new heights. They did it by using techniques long employed by legendary brands – and they’re approaches that any business can use to turn more customers into lifelong fans.



#8 — The Key To Continuous CX Improvement? Think Like The NTSB

Airlines rightfully take a lot of flak for the poor quality of their customer experience.  But the aviation industry does excel in one critical aspect of customer experience management, and it’s something every company should model.



#7 — When Efficiency Is The Enemy: How Great Companies Create Engaging Customer Experiences

Starbucks and Costco are among the legendary companies that understand a central tenet of smart customer experience design – namely, that a more efficient experience isn’t necessarily a more engaging experience.



#6 — Ally Bank Just Gave A Master Class In Customer Advocacy

With its recent elimination of overdraft fees, Ally Bank is forgoing millions of dollars in annual revenue – yet it could be one of the smartest decisions the bank has made.




#5 — The Watermark Consulting Customer Experience ROI Study

The latest version of Watermark’s CX ROI Study (one of the most widely-cited analyses of its kind, referenced by firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Accenture, Forrester, SAP, and Oracle) — was released in October and immediately took its position as one of the year’s most-read articles.



#4 — Peloton’s Predicament: What To Do When Demand Outstrips Supply

In early 2021, exercise equipment company Peloton was in a race for its reputation, as the company struggled to overcome a backlog in customer orders. Can any company keep customers content in such a situation? Yes, but it requires careful management of the customer experience.



#3 — The Haunting of Spirit Airlines

The fallout from Spirit Airlines’ recent mass flight cancellations goes well beyond the operations sphere. The carrier must now also contend with a unique memory-shaping event that may influence consumer behavior for years to come.



#2 — Through The Looking Glass: Why Camera-Enabled Glasses Will Fail

The biggest customer experience challenge for Facebook’s new smart sunglasses centers not around who’s behind the shades, but rather, who’s in front of them.



And our most-read post of the year is…


#1 — Jeff Bezos Signals A Huge Shift In Amazon’s Mission

Amazon’s legendary mission to become “Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company” now has a new twist to it – an adjustment which reflects one of the biggest challenges facing the firm.



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