Most-Read Articles Of 2023

Customer experience, employee engagement, leadership — these are among the topics covered in Watermark’s most-read articles of 2023.


We’ve crunched the numbers and are pleased to present Watermark’s Top 10 Most-Read Articles of 2023.

These are the stories that garnered the most page views during the year (regardless of when they were published).  They cover quite a range of topics, from customer experience to employee engagement to leadership.

Especially noteworthy:  In this year’s #1 slot we’ve got an article that wasn’t just the most-read story of 2023, but was one of Watermark’s most-read stories of all time!

Without further ado…  here they are, consolidated into one easy-to-read list, our most-read articles of 2023:


#10 — A Road To Nowhere:  Why Customer Journey Maps Fail To Deliver Results

Interested in customer journey mapping?  Prepare to be disappointed — unless you follow these tips.



#9 — The Haunting of Spirit Airlines

The airline is learning the hard way about how the “cognitive scars” created by poor customer experiences can haunt a brand for years to come.



#8 — Five Ways To Make Every Week Feel Like Customer Service Week

The problem with Customer Service Week:  Firms that celebrate customer-centricity one week a year aren’t customer-centric at all.



#7 — Five Myths About How To Improve Customer Loyalty

Many businesses struggle to grow organically, and it’s often because they’ve fallen victim to common misconceptions about customer loyalty.



#6 — The Key To Handling High Customer Service Call Volumes

Stop trying to deflect customer calls, and instead try to preempt them.




#5 — How Starbucks’ New CEO Is Brewing Employee Trust

When Laxman Narasimhan joined the company, he made an interesting (but very deliberate) choice about where to spend his time.



#4 — The “Inconvenient” Truth About IKEA’s Customer Experience

The IKEA customer experience is hardly effortless.  In a world where “ease of doing business” is prized, how does IKEA thrive?



#3 — Four Important Leadership Lessons From Southwest Airlines’ Holiday Meltdown

Remember Southwest’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week during the 2022 holiday season?  Here’s what every business can learn from it.



#2 — Breaking The News:  4 Leadership Lessons From The Ouster Of CNN’s CEO

Here’s how new leaders can drive change in their organization — and avoid alienating their workforce while doing it.



And our most-read article of the year is…


#1 — The Limits Of Customer Love:  A Cautionary Tale From First Republic Bank

Legions of delighted clients couldn’t save this beloved bank from failure.  What does that say about the value of customer experience?



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